31 de outubro de 2014

October´s Scavenger Hunt

It´s my first time on this challenge and I loved it. Hope you like my pics!

"Scavenger Hunt" é o nome de um desafio de fotografia proposto por alguns blogs estrangeiros. 
O nome, em português, seria "Caça ao Tesouro" e funciona assim: a autora do desafio propõe uma lista de temas a serem fotografados durante o mês. Então vc tem o mês todo pra caçar os "tesouros" por aí. Terminado o mês, coloca-se o link pro seu blog na página do desafio e assim todos os participantes vão poder ver as fotos dos outros!

Pra quem ama fotografia como eu, é um prato cheio! E as fotos não precisam ser profissionais: eu não tenho máquina profissional e algumas fotos tirei até com o celular! Não há regras. Só achei que seria interessante não usar filtros ou edições. No máximo cortei algumas e coloquei as molduras, mas nada disso foi estabelecido. Ou seja, liberdade pra caçar coisas belas e dividir sua percepção de mundo com os outros de uma forma criativa.
Eu amei a experiência e pretendo continuar participando todo mês! (Obs.: escrevi em inglês apenas porque os participantes são todos de outros países.)

Esta é a lista de Outubro do blog Made with Love.
Qualquer um que tenha blog pode participar!

"October's List":

O is for...?
Something you bought
Close up
Your Sky
Your shoes

"O" is for...?/"O" de...

"Orchids" (these are mini ones, at my parent´s little farm).

It was probably the most tricky item in the list because I wanted a word beggining with "o" in both languages: English and Portuguese because of my readers in Brazil... 

Orchid/Orquídea. :)

"6 pm"/"6 da tarde"

Watching my kid playing at 6 pm in a lovely weekend we had at my parent´s farm this month.


Walking my dog in a Saturday morning around our neighboorhood. 
I just L.O.V.E these moments.

"Something you bought" /"Algo que comprei"

I´ve bought many things this month (LOL) and was totally in doubt about what to photograph, then I choose these two ceramic cups that made my kitchen (and me) happier. :)


This picture was the first one I took for this Scavenger.
On the very first days of the month in a vintage Burger Shop near our house on a Friday night: me, my husband & our son. 


Difficult to choose one of my many favourite things in life... There are so many! 
But as it´s Springtime here in Brazil, I guess I should honor my favourite "corner" in our house: 
the garden.

"Close up"/"Close"

I guess our dog is the best for close ups and he always seems ready for a shot...


Family Lunch at Mom´s on a Sunday. 
It´s always a special time to have the whole family together for a meal... 


Here in Brazil  we celebrate "Children´s Day" on October 12nd.
Traditionally I have my boy and his cousins at home and we eat treats, play games, always fun!

"My sky"/"Meu céu"

This view is from the parking area of the the building where I work. 
Photographing the sky is so usual to me that I had lots of pics to choose from... but I like the fluffy clouds and the gorgeous blue in this one.


I love colors in general and took many photos for this item. 

But having to pic just one, I choose PINK because it always lifts my spirit and because my yarn projects always include these tones! 

"My shoes"/"Meus sapatos"

These photo was taken in an evening when I was driving home from work. 
This day I was wearing the new flats that my co-workers gave me for my birthday. Then I saw this beautiful little flowers all over the sidewalk and I thought it would be a perfect set! 

One of my favourites of all photos. What do you think?!

Well, it was fabulous hunting little and big treasures 
all over during a month.

I´d love to know what´s your favorite photo!
Other October´s treasures you can see here (as well as the November´s List). 

Thanks to Greenthumb for organizing it!

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Adorei!!uma foto mais linda que a outra!!! Parabéns!


susan's musings disse...

Like your cups. The picture of the candy for Childrens Day look as though they are in a candy shop.

amanda peters disse...

Great set of photos, love the close up and childhood photos...
Amanda xx

greenthumb disse...

Thanks for taking park in this months scavenge hunt. What a great group of photos, I really like Childhood, morning, and colour. Greenthumb.

Julie disse...

Welcome to the scavenger hunt! I'm really glad you decided to take part and you have some great photos. Love childhood, close up and colour. Great shoes too! x

Christina disse...

I love your photos, particularly the one with the pink yarns. Pink is such a happy colour. x

Glo disse...

Lovely to see your colourful selection of photos ~ especially interesting when they are from a different part of the world. I like the shot of your shoes surrounded by autumn loveliness, and your childhood picture is so bright and cheerful. Lovely to see the palm trees and blue skies :)

Janaina disse...

Lindas fotos Claudia!Parabéns!


Eileen T disse...

The pavement in your 'morning' photo is amazing and I love your 'sky' photo.

Fundy Blue disse...

Hi Claudia! I enjoyed your photographs so much. It's always fun to see a different part of the world. I'm glad that you joined our hunt! I especially like the closeup of the dog and your family breakfast. Family times are best, aren't they? Have a good one!

Little Blue Mouse disse...

Great photos! I love morning and childhood.

Louise disse...

A great collection of photos, I really like 'childhood'!

Kezzie disse...

Super photos Claudia! I love your dog, especially the photo with the ball in his mouth! The pavement is really pretty where you walk with him! x

Judy disse...

Que bacana!
Adorei o desafio, gostaria muito de particiar, adoro fotografar... mas tropeço no inglês(rrr)


Eu e minha mãe disse...

I just love it!!!!! Bjs, Claudinha!