1 de dezembro de 2014

Scavenger Hunt - November´s List

Neste mês mais uma vez participei do delicioso desafio de fotos Scavenger Hunt (Caça ao Tesouro).
Pra saber mais sobre ele, clique aqui.

Here I´m again sharing some moments with you.
Hope you like my November´s shots.

Thanks to Greenthumb from Blog Made with Love, who organizes the Hunt!

November's List/Lista de novembro

N is for?

Look back
joy is
out and about
Something you found
Whatever you please


"N" is for?/"N" de...
Nature/ Natureza

The first word I instantly imagined when I read "N": it begins with the same letter in English and in Portuguese as well: Nature/Natureza.

This beautiful composition in green and blue is some miles away from our home and it´s where our family spend the weekends and vacations:


Bedtime: delicious moment of the day, my bedside table waiting for me...
(P.S.: something very funny: I´ve just realize that I´ve made a huge mistake - looking at other participants photos, I discovered 12 pm is midday, not midnight!! LOL. Sorry about that - here in Brazil we don´t use "am" and "pm"...)


I thought this one would be the easiest photo to take... 
People are all around... Yes, I took many shots, in different days and places, but couldn´t take a good one, with a group of people... 

I choose this one because of the Cafe 'frame' that I like very much. Sorry about just one couple... but I think that´s fine, they are people anyway... rsr

Look back:/Olhando pra trás:

Again, I´m not satisfied with the photo, but this was what I had in mind when thinking about looking back my past: my grandmas´ house. I miss it all so much: being there, with her and my grandpa, taking some coffee and chatting on their kitchen table. 

I miss this house the way it was some years ago: there was a big garden in the front and I always look at its flowers when I drove by... Now it was sold and looks totally different and a little bit sad...

Joy is/Alegria é...:

Having Christmas ornaments everywhere...
I like to see people´s creativity! 

And this one is so colorful and fresh - I think it represents well Brazilian Christmas! :)

Out and about/Por aí:

I´m not very sure about this expression. I hope it´s correct... rs

Taking the road to a weekend country trip.


Oh, paper!! How I love it!! 

Here in its best form in my opinion: books! (in a bookstore).


This photograph is my favorite: our bedroom´s window on  my parent´s little farm. 
I love it and it´s always such a great pleasure to open it in the morning and see all the countryside green greeting us!


My work friend´s beautiful hair! 


This was a difficult one for me and made me realize I don´t see many funny things in a month´s time... :(

It was taken in a shopping center wall near the children´s place. It´s not easy to make someone laugh, is it?

I confess I´m very curious to see what the other participants got for this one!

Something I found/Algo que achei:

This month I found an interesting hobby: gathering still life and arrange that to photograph or to draw (and watercolour) or just to look at them togheter: flowers, pebbles, leaves, little nature treasures can form some kind of art. A good discovery.

Whatever I please/Qualquer coisa que me agrade:

There are so many things in life that please me. It was just hard to pick one.

I had many craft photos along November: crochet, drawing, embroidering, Christmas preparing, and also reading time. And many family moments... 
All things that please me a lot.

But I pick "Baking Cupcakes" cause this is a little different from what I do on a daily basis.
These are lemon ones and it was so tasty!

OK, they´re not professional photos (many of them were taken with my cellphone...) but I like it and hope you do it too because it´s so good to do it just for fun and to interchange views with other people. :)

Take a look at the other participants at Scavenger Hunt page.

See you next month!

9 comentários:

greenthumb disse...

Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt it's great to see your photos. I really like your photos of window, out and about, and hair. Greenthumb

amanda peters disse...

Lovely set of photos, and I love your crochet stool from your last post too.
Amanda xx


Lindas fotos... pena que eu entenda tão pouco inglês...


Julie disse...

I really enjoyed your interpretations, particularly window, something you found and whatever you please. Your friend has beautiful hair - I'd love hair like that rather than my curly mess!

By the way, I love your embroidered bag too - so pretty. x

Judy disse...

Olá Claudia:
Grande caçada!
Gostei muito das fotos e do contexto dado a cada item da lista.
O "olhar para trás" é mostra de sua sensibilidade.
Também tive dificuldade no item "people", tive receio de invadir a privacidade das pessoas.
O cabelo de sua colega é lindo!
Uma janela aberta para a natureza é um grande privilégio... obrigada por me oferecer um pouquinho dele nestas fotos.

Um beijo e até o mês que vem.

Fundy Blue disse...

Hi Claudia! It's such fun to see the world through your Brazillian eyes! I really enjoyed the people photo! It has strong visual elements, but you are pulled right into the couple and feel their intimacy. And I wholeheartedly agree that the best form of paper is books! Have a happy day!

Oi Claudia! É tão divertido de ver o mundo através de seus olhos Brazillian! Eu realmente gostei da foto pessoas! Ele tem fortes elementos visuais, mas você é puxado para a direita no casal e sentir sua intimidade. E eu concordo plenamente que a melhor forma de papel é livros! Tenha um dia feliz!

Little Blue Mouse disse...

Great photos, especially nature and window!

Louise disse...

Beautiful collection of photos! It's nice to see photos from far away lands too :)

Glo disse...

What a picturesque window ~ Your friend's hair is beautiful ... loved looking at your wonderful scenery in your country.